Microchipping FAQs

Microchipping FAQs

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. Your pet will rely on you for everything. It is up to you to provide food, shelter, love, and attention. You also need to make sure that your pet remains happy and healthy. To be sure that your new pet is healthy, you should schedule an exam with Parkway Animal Hospital. During this visit, you can discuss microchipping.


Q: What is Microchipping?

A: When you have your pet microchipped, the veterinarian will implant a tiny chip under your pet's skin between their shoulder blades.

The chip will contain a number that can be scanned. The number will coincide with a number in a database that will include your pet's name, your contact information, and any medical conditions that your pet has. Unfortunately, there is no single database. Because of this, many pet owners register their pets in multiple databases.

Q: Why Should I Have My Pet Microchipped?

A: The most common reason why owners have their pets microchipped is so they can be quickly reunited if the pet gets lost or runs away. The chip can be scanned at an animal shelter or a veterinarian's office, which will allow them to contact you quickly. Some other reasons to have your pet microchipped include:

  • If your pet is stolen or if your ownership is being disputed, the microchip will be more than enough evidence that your pet belongs to you.
  • Many pet owners put a tag on their pet's collar that contains their contact information. Over time, the writing can wear off. Also, if the collar falls off, your contact information will be lost.
  • The best reason to have your pet microchipped is the peace of mind that it provides.

Q: Is Microchipping Painful?

A: No. This procedure is not painful. Your vet will inject the tiny chip under your pet's skin using a syringe. Having your pet microchipped will not be any more painful than their annual vaccinations.

Q: What Happens If I Move Or Change My Phone Number?

A: If your contact information has changed, you will not need to have the microchip replaced. Instead, you would change your information in the database.

Q: How Long Will the Microchip Last?

A: The microchip does not have a battery and there are no moving parts to wear out. Because of this, the microchip will last your pet's entire lifetime.

Q: Is Microchipping Affordable?

A: Yes, microchipping is very affordable. The average cost is around $45. The actual cost would depend on the vet that you choose to implant the microchip. There is no cost to register the chip with the databases.

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