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It is very important to get puppies and kittens started on their vaccinations very early to ensure their health and that they will grow up healthy. Vaccinating adult pets is also important and your veterinarian in Grand Prairie, TX, can advise you on what shots are needed.


Vaccinations for Puppies and Kittens

Animals should get their first round of vaccinations between 10 and 12 weeks of age. They will need a second set about a month later. These vaccinations are necessary to keep your pets healthy and allow them to grow.  Because young animals' immune systems have not fully developed, they need their first shots in stages.

After that, full-grown pets may only need shots once per year at their annual checkups. There are some shots given every few years. A rabies vaccine, for instance, is legally mandated and will need to be performed every year. Any pet can come into contact with a wild animal with rabies, so it is wise to be careful. It is important to follow the vaccination schedule given to your pets by their veterinarians.

What Vaccines Do

Vaccines stimulate the immune system to identify and destroy organisms that could cause disease. Vaccines are the most effective method for preventing a number of the deadliest diseases your pet could contract. It is rare that vaccines have any negative side effects.

Most Common Vaccinations

The rabies vaccine is the most common, and the state of Texas, as well as most states, requires it by law. Distemper is another vaccination that is very common and is considered a core vaccination for pets. Parvovirus is an infection in the intestines that is very contagious. More than 90 percent of puppies that get this sickness die, so it is advised that all dogs be vaccinated for this disease as well. Bordatella, also known as kennel cough, is a vaccination many veterinarians require if they board your pet. These are core vaccines that veterinarians consider essential to the animal's health. There are non-core vaccines as well, which are recommended, but not considered mandatory.

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