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Visit Our Veterinarian In Grand Prairie, TX, To Have Your Pet Spayed Or Neutered

An important matter that all pet owners should decide for the health of their animals is to spay or neuter them. Choosing to have this procedure done for your pet has its benefits, and our veterinarian at Parkway Animal Hospital in Grand Prairie, TX, can perform this surgery.


What is a Spay and Neuter Surgery?

It is a safe surgical procedure that removes the reproductive organs of pets. Spay is for females, and a veterinarian removes the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus. Neuter is for males, and it is the removal of the testes. Since it is a surgical procedure, your pet will need to have a wellness exam done to see if it can handle surgery and post-care.

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering a Pet

By having your pet sterilized, you help control the pet population, which millions of dogs and cats in the United States are still waiting for a place to call home. Also, you can help prolong your pet’s life. A few other reasons to have this surgery performed include:

  • Decreases the desire to roam outside the house
  • Decreases the urge to mark or spray places
  • Lessen male aggressive behavior
  • Eliminates the chance of getting pregnant
  • Longer and healthier lives
  • No more heat cycles
  • Reduces the risk of getting prostate disease, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and mammary tumors

The Best Time to Spay or Neuter a Pet

Some pets can get spayed or neutered at a young age, typically before the first heat cycle begins. However, certain factors can prevent your pet from having this procedure done before that cycle begins. The best decision you can do is to consult with a veterinarian about your pet’s options. Our team in Grand Prairie, TX, will consider your animal’s physical condition, age, and breed and decide the appropriate time to schedule a spay or neuter surgery for it.

Schedule A Spay Or Neuter Consultation With Our Veterinarian Today

Spay and neuter surgery is a service that helps pets to live longer, happier, and healthy lives. If you are considering this surgery for your furry animal, then schedule a consultation with our veterinarian to learn more about it. Reach out to Parkway Animal Hospital in Grand Prairie, TX, today by emailing us or calling (972) 263-7277.

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