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Many pets hide their pain, choosing to go on with their normal habits so that we cannot tell anything is wrong. Their changes in behavior may be subtle and sometimes it is hard to notice. 


Parkway Animal Hospital in Grand Prairie, TX knows that a health emergency requiring urgent care can come up suddenly.  We will work with you to get a prompt and thorough pet exam so that all you will have to worry about is keeping your furry family member calm and comfortable. 

When An Emergency Pet Exam Is Required

Dr. Nelson brings experience and a love for animals to his work.  Parkway Animal Hospital wants to make every effort to be available for your pet in case a need for urgent care arises.  A veterinarian and members of our staff trained in emergency care are available six days a week.

Cases that need acute care range from obvious to more subtle.  Poisoning cases should be treated immediately, and as with all health issues, a pet parent should come armed with as much information as possible.  Pets that have experienced trauma and injury should also be examined right away; in addition to external wounds there could be internal issues going on. 

Besides standard care such as wellness exams, parasite infestations, young animal care, and vaccinations, we have the capability to perform ultrasound on the premises and have now added a recently developed anesthesia which is extremely safe for pets.  We also offer laser surgery, which comes with an array of benefits over traditional scalpel surgery.  

Laser surgery can be accomplished via a smaller incision for less pain and swelling and more comfort and safety, and your pet can be expected to recover more quickly.  For your convenience we can also address concerns via telemedicine.  From urgent care to spay and neuter to their regular check-ups, you can rely on Parkway Animal Hospital in Grand Prairie, TX to provide our community and the surrounding areas with one-stop pet care, anticipating your pet’s every need. 

How Can Our Grand Prairie, TX Veterinarian Help?

We want to be sure your pet is taken care of in case of an emergency, so our staff will make all efforts to work your pet in for an exam even if we have a full appointment schedule.  If possible, call us as soon as you know you need to bring your pet in and let us know about your particular urgent care issue. 

If your situation has to do with a sudden change in behavior, it may be worth taking advantage of our telemedicine system so that our veterinarian can answer your questions and give an expert opinion on the likely cause.

Trust Parkway Animal Hospital in Grand Prairie, TX for a thoughtful diagnosis and compassionate care.  Call today for a pet exam!

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