Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams

Wellness exams play a key role in helping your pet stay in good health. There’s nothing like a bubbly, healthy pet to add joy and excitement to a household. At Parkway Animal Hospital, Grand Prairie, TX, we’re more than happy to schedule a wellness exam for your kit or pup to ensure he’s in the best of health. Here are some of the benefits your pet stands to gain from a yearly checkup from your Grand Prairie, TX, vet.


Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Health Conditions

We recommend pets have an annual wellness exam to evaluate the state of their health. During this exam, your veterinarian will inspect your pet from nose to tail for signs of sickness, skin problems, or chronic disease. This physical exam gives your Grand Prairie veterinarian an opportunity to catch diseases in their early stages when they are easier to manage and treat. Many health conditions can be cured if caught early enough, saving your pet the pain and suffering of having to endure lengthy treatments. Early diagnosis and treatment can also expedite your pet’s recovery.

Confirmation of Health

If you’re worried about any aspect of your pet’s health, bring him in for a wellness exam. In addition to a thorough inspection of his body parts and skin, we’ll listen to your pet’s heart, check his joints, and examine his teeth and gums. If necessary, we’ll perform diagnostics like blood tests or skin tests to help diagnose a health problem or condition. If your pet’s organs aren’t functioning as they should, or he has anemia, an infection, or medical condition like diabetes or thyroid disease, it will show up in his blood work. These problems can then be treated early on to help restore your pet’s health. A wellness exam may also reveal that your pet’s in great shape so you can stop worrying about his health.

Signs of Aging

As your pet ages, he may need extra care to keep him in good health. A wellness exam will reveal whether your pet needs dietary or lifestyle changes to boost his health and protect him from health conditions that can plague him in his senior years. Your veterinarian can provide valuable counsel on how to care for your senior pet to help him live comfortably and happily in his golden years.

See Your Grand Prairie, TX, Veterinarian for Pet Wellness Exams

To schedule a wellness exam for your beloved kit or pup, contact your Parkway Animal Hospital veterinary team in Grand Prairie, TX, at 972-263-7277 today. Routine wellness exams can help extend the lifespan of your pet so you can enjoy his love and companionship for years to come.  

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