Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams at Parkway Animal Hospital 

in Grand Prairie, TX

At least once per year, your veterinarian should schedule your pet for a full examination, with more frequent visit for young and old pets. These visits are important to ensuring that your pets remain healthy throughout their lives.


What Are Grand Prairie, TX Veterinarians Looking for during Wellness Exams?

Our beloved creatures often have difficulty letting us know when something is bothering them. In a wellness exam, your pets’ veterinarian will assess your pets’ overall health and pinpoint any potential health issues. We want all of our pet patients to live long and healthy lives. After a wellness exam, our veterinarian can advise you about feeding, necessary exercise, parasite risk, and other things that will keep your animals happy and healthy. 

What Do Yearly Wellness Exams Include?

Our veterinarian will closely examine your pets’ eyes, ears, teeth, and gums during a wellness exam. In the eyes, our veterinarian will look for any unusual growths, potential issues with the outer eyelid and surrounding tissue, adequate tear duct production, and any signs of cataracts, inflammation, or infection. We will also inspect your pet's teeth and gums, looking for signs of swelling, plaque buildup, and decay, which often leads to more severe health problems if left untreated. 

During an examination of your pet's ears, our veterinarian will use an otoscope to look deep inside the ear to ensure no infection is present. You need to let your vet know if you have witnessed excessive redness, swelling, or scratching, which are often signs of infection or allergies. 

Additionally, our veterinarian will want to look over your pet’s skin and coat. During this part of the exam, expect the vet to feel all over your pet, checking joints, muscles, and excess fat. 

Furthermore, your pet's vital signs will be checked and noted. Our veterinarian will want to record the temperature, heart rate, weight, and heart and lung sounds of your pets. It is important to note that identifying potential problems through these exams can be life-saving for your pet. 

What Concerns Should I Raise with My Vet During a Wellness Exam?

It would be best to raise all concerns that you may have about your beloved creature with your veterinarian. Specifically, any changes in behavior or ongoing behavioral issues, changes in activity level, appetite, or bathroom behaviors can be signs of an underlying problem. Just as with humans, our pets change throughout their lives. However, it is always best to ask your vet about anything that may be concerning. 

After a wellness exam, our veterinarian will make recommendations regarding blood tests, vaccinations, parasite tests, and dental cleanings. At Parkway Animal Hospital in Grand Prairie, TX, our top priorities are your pets' health and happiness. Contact us today to schedule your pet's yearly exam or to ask any questions that you may have about your pet's health. 

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